Welcome to Haven Park, Wyoming

An inside look at Haven Park, Wyoming, and the Independence Day book series, by Bex Aaron.


A rundown on the Independence Day book series

A closer look at the residents of Haven Park, Wyoming

What is this crazy thing?

Welcome to your home for all things Haven Park - the ultimate experience for fans and new readers alike. Feel free to browse for info about the books, the characters, and everything in between.

Be advised: This site is one ginormous spoiler, so beware of that as you read.

Also: This site is focused on a work of fiction. Any resemblance to any real person or event is purely coincidental. Blah, blah. You get it.

A note about the dates on this site:

This wiki is based upon a book series set in the summer of 1966, so any dates reflected on these pages will be consistent with that time frame.

What's New?

5/16/15: Book four is here! I've updated the book's page to contain a full synopsis (with spoilers -- you've been warned!), as well as all the character pages to include the latest happenings in the series.

10/26/14: Added infoboxes to all the book pages, to sum up the basics of each volume.

Changed the excerpt on book four's page, as I have rewritten it. Also, updated the lyrical challenge section.

10/19/14: Added the What's New? section to the homepage.

Edited the quote on Terri's page, and added links where I'd forgotten to put them.

10/18/14: Edited book four's page, to reflect the new lyrics for the Lyrical Challenge.

Edited the webseries era page to add trivia about the various websites.

10/12/14: Added a page for the interludes.

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