Boulevard of Broken Dreams


The Basics
Release Date Early 2017
Tagline "You don't know where you're going until you know where you've been…"
Theme Song "Boulevard of Broken Dreams", by Green Day
Interlude(s) Another Place and Time, Part Two
Wordcount TBD
Casualties N/A
Preceded By Dirty Little Secret
Followed By The Big Surprise

Book 4.5: Boulevard of Broken Dreams is a five-chapter prequel which will premiere between books four and five. Taking place in 1961, it offers a glimpse of Haven Park, pre-tragedy and will take a closer look at how the lives of some of its favorite residents developed into what they are today.

Overview and Theme:

This book chronicles the events of August 9, 1961, a humid, sticky Wednesday in Haven Park. While the murderous events of the first four books are still five years away from this volume, there are signs that things aren't nearly as picture perfect as they appear on the surface...especially when it comes to the characters' love lives.

Name Contest:

The book was titled through popular fan vote on the Facebook page. The three choices for a title (with vote tally) were:

Picture Perfect World -- 2 votes

Little Lies -- 1 vote

Boulevard of Broken Dreams -- 3 votes

Formats and Pricing:

Amazon Kindle

Barnes and Noble Nook



The book will be $.99 on all American outlets.

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